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Phone: +92-42-35411828, +92-42-35425224 Mobile: +92-300-9477075, +92-321-9477075            GOOD NEWS: Hakeem Mubashir Ahmad Basara sahib is now a days in UK. For Free Consultancy, You may contact at: London Office: Al-Shifa Shahi Dawakhana 117A-Ilford Lane Ilford ESSEX LONDON IGI 2RN (07539520625) ,Birmingham Office: 405 A-Stratford Road, Sparkhill Birmingham B11 4JZ (07448607987), Norway 0047-40064983
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Hikmat is not new for us, e are doing it since last so many decades as it is our family professio. We inherited so many vital formulas an dwith research and development work we made those compatible with the need of modern threats.For us this profession is like worship od Almighty Allaha. We always thanks to God who chosen us to serve the poor humanity. We started the Alshifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana with the aim to serve the humanity globally.The major objective is, to provide better health services & literacy to all people, especially the poor people, Who need our help.We always pray for all human being living in any part of world & request them to follow the health instruction, live the natural life, share the pain and grief of other & leave the happy memories after leaving this world. God help you (Aameen!)

Hakeem Mubashir Ahmad Basara
Gold Medalist
Hakeem Muddasar Ahmad Basara
Gold Medalist
Al-Shifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana
Chowk Thokar Niaz baig Multan Road, Lahore, Pakistan .
Phone: +92-42-35411828, 35425224